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Payment Analysis

Payment Analysis

Get to know the payment behaviour of your debtors with INFORMA's unique and exclusive service.

Payment Analysis is a unique and exclusive service rendered by INFORMA that contains more than 8 millions of payment experiences on Spanish companies that would show you how a company pays its creditors (positive and negative behaviour).

Daily updated payment information that would help you to detect business' payment behaviour changes in advance, acting like an early warning that would provide larger reaction periods to adjust your collection strategies.

An added value for companies' risk management

Obtain an analysis with a completely updated added value information that provides information on businesses payment behaviour beyond their financial capacity.

  • Grasp the payment behaviour of your clients, which pay you better or worse than to the rest of suppliers.
  • Speed up collection and reduce the average payment delay.
  • Reduce the non-payments volume.
  • Establish collection and credit policies adapted to the payment behaviour of your clients.

An added value for companies

How does it work?

It is a free Payment Analysis program exclusive for the program partners. It is based in the exchange of payment information between the program partners and INFORMA.

The partners would provide information on the payment of their clients in a strictly confidential way and Informa calculates the global payment behaviour of the clients as well as the payment behaviour with respect to the partner and to the sector.

Do you want to know if your debtors pay you better or worse than to the rest of suppliers?

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