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Consult the Mercantile Register Online

Consult the Mercantile Register Online

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What is the Mercantile Register?

The Mercantile Register is an official institution that registers the acts of private companies and publishes information for those entities taking part in mercantile traffic.

The Mercantile Register registers the acts of companies, including incorporation, capital increases or reductions, amendments of the articles of association, changes in the legal form of the company or the filing of annual accounts.

This register comprises the territorial Mercantile Registers and the Central Mercantile Register.

It has public offices that different commercial registrars run, and its information is also accessible online through companies such as Informa D&B.

What is the Mercantile Register?

Online paperwork at the Mercantile Register

From INFORMA you can sail through the main paperwork of the Mercantile Register.

All the information on companies' Annual Accounts

The annual accounts reflect the financial and net worth situation of a company. The companies with an obligation to register in the Mercantile Register must file it annually.

What are Filed Accounts?

Filed accounts: document allowing you to obtain a copy of the annual accounts filed by the requested company.

Filed Accounts contain:

  • Situation Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Net Worth Changes Status
  • Cash Flow Status (normal format only)
  • Annual financial report
  • Management Report (for companies with filing obligation)
  • Audit Report (for companies with filing obligation)

Simple Report of the Mercantile Register

The Simple Report is a document with no legal value, including the company's commercial information.

The Simple Report includes the following information:

  • Articles of Association
  • Current Administrators
  • Capital Increases
  • Appointments
  • Resignations
  • Other Data

At INFORMA, you could obtain a register note (clear photocopy of the original one filed in the register) of any inscription made by a company from its constitution.

Business name certificate

With this service, INFORMA helps you obtain the necessary certificate to register a new company with the chosen name in the Central Mercantile Register.

You can request up to three names by priority order; the first that can be reserved will be the name on the certificate.

This certificate reserves the new legal name for 15 months. If you want to constitute a company, the certification has no validity before a notary once more than two months have elapsed from its request to the Central Mercantile Register.

Business name certificate renewal

At INFORMA, we help you to renew a business name certificate.

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Online paperwork at the Mercantile Register

Spanish Mercantile Registers

The Mercantile Register comprises Territorial Mercantile Registers and the Central Mercantile Register.

Territorial Mercantile Registers are established in all provincial capitals, extending their jurisdiction to the province's territory: Madrid Mercantile Register, Barcelona Mercantile Register, Seville Mercantile Register, Valencia Mercantile Register, Vizcaya Mercantile Register, etc.

And in addition, some other cities, such as Ceuta's Mercantile Register, Melilla's Mercantile Register, etc.

From INFORMA, you could request the paperwork you need in any mercantile registers in Spain.

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Spanish Mercantile Registers

Frequently asked questions about the Mercantile Register

What register information can be obtained with INFORMA?

The information from the Mercantile Register obtained through Informa D&B is up-to-date and real, with the advantage of obtaining it online with less paperwork. Since the information comes directly from the Mercantile Register, it can be considered official business information. You can consult the related official documents such as simple report, filed accounts or make an application on a company name.

Why is the Mercantile Register important?

The Mercantile Register is important because of the publicly accessible information registered there; it makes registered companies' information accessible to third parties who have a specific interest in those companies, such as their suppliers, customers, banks or anyone else. This information provides security and helps companies and entrepreneurs to make better business decisions. Furthermore, the fast, online access to information from the Mercantile Register makes it easier to carry out its paperwork.

What is the Central Mercantile Register of Madrid?

The Central Mercantile Register, based in Madrid, compiles all the data from the registrations carried out in all the territorial registers.

Its main functions are:

  • Centralisation, organisation and purely informative publication of the data received from the territorial Mercantile Registers.
  • Listing of business names.
  • Publishing of the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Register.
  • Keeping the Register relating to companies and entities that have transferred their legal address abroad but are not losing their Spanish nationality.

Difference between the Mercantile Register and the Property Register

The Property Register registers acts and contracts relating to ownership and rights in rem over real estate, while the Mercantile Register registers acts relating to private companies.ntil se inscriben los actos relacionados con las sociedades mercantiles.

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