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Marketing Services for Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing Services for Data-Driven Marketing

OmniData Marketing is INFORMA's specific data-based solution for every challenge that will help you meet all marketing area needs at every stage.

Put data to work for your Marketing Plan


A new marketing style

The Marketing and Sales Department designs the strategy and methods for communication, promotion, and commercial management of the company. At INFORMA we help you in all phases of your marketing plan with our Marketing services: OmniData Marketing.

INFORMA's OmniData Marketing is a new solution to obtain an overall picture by integrating services involved in the entire customer journey and providing added value through improved knowledge and personalised advice.

A specific data-based solution for every challenge that would help you meet all marketing needs at every stage.

What do you need?

  • Finding new customers.
  • Understand your customers better.
  • Optimise relations with customers.

Discover a complete range of specific Acquisition, Knowledge and Optimisation solutions targeted to your needs. Advanced database normalisation and enrichment solutions, special solutions for CRMs and ERPs integration, information from all over the world and access to exclusive INFORMA data.

Who is your potential customer?

  • Companies.
  • Final consumers.

Our solutions and data are useful for B2B and B2C businesses.

Data-based solutions:



Find new opportunities. 

Start your global marketing strategy.

We offer you a wide range of services to start attracting customers.



Understand your customers better.

Interpret data to find new opportunities.

We have solutions based on data to get to know your customers better.



Turn leads into deals.

Improve your conversion levels.

Our solutions help you to optimise your marketing strategy.

Do you want to discover how to boost your marketing actions with value-adding data and generate synergies?

How can we help you with your marketing strategy

  • Explore new business opportunities.
  • Analyse profiles for prospecting.
  • Add value to your leads.
  • Improve your knowledge of your clients.
  • Simplify decision making.
  • Enrich your commercial strategy.
  • Integrate your marketing services.
  • Get an overall picture of your marketing plan.


What contacts do you need?

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8.9 million   Prospecta Companies, Sole Proprietorships and Executives
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550 million companies in the world
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20 million  Households
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300 reports  sectorial reports
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500 million  standardised records
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58 million email marketing records


Our Marketing and Sales Services

Don't hesitate to consult our specialists and request a Free Consultation to find the solution that best suits your needs.



B2B Acquisition
B2B Knowledge

Find the database you need: companies, sole proprietorships and executives.



B2B Acquisition
B2B Knowledge

Do you want to know your clients better and be more effective in your marketing and prospecting campaigns?


Observatorio Sectorial DBK

B2B and B2C Knowledge

Informa's Sectorial Observatory DBK carries out continuous surveillance of approx. 600 Spanish and Portuguese sectors


Master Data Management

B2B and B2C Optimisation 

Do you want to know which of your commercial leads are more likely to become customers?



B2B and B2C Acquisition
B2B and B2C Knowledge  
B2B and B2C Optimisation 

Save time in analysing your customer and supplier portfolios by using geolocation data on maps.

We have the Marketing Product that best suits your needs.

Find here a comparative table of the usefulness of each of our Marketing Products, depending on the target you want to address, your specific needs or the department of the company you belong to.

What product do you need?
We have the Marketing Product that best suits your needs.

Free Consultancy

Don't hesitate to consult our specialists and find the solution that best suits your needs.