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Leanus is a Business Intelligence tool for businesses and sectors analysis, business plans and financial simulations in a complete, quick, easy and economical way.

What is Leanus and what does this Business Intelligence tool serves for?

Leanus is the businesses analyser leader in Italy that has now been adapted by INFORMA D&B to Spanish companies. It is a necessary and useful BI tool to access and analyse companies and business data on any sector.

It is an easy to use artificial intelligence sophisticated tool for businesses, entrepreneurs and financial institutions. With it you could thoroughly analyse businesses' balance sheets, carry out multi variant complex searches, make sectorial studies, group comparisons, simulations, high level business plans and presentations in an easy, quick and economical way.

What is Leanus and what does this Business Intelligence tool serves for?

Leanus is an easy to use sophisticated artificial intelligence tool that could be used for data analysis and reporting activities. In a couple of minutes you could do now analyses and presentations that meant several working hours before.

Leanus is formed by the following modules:

Balance sheet analysis

To analyse financial statements not only from traditional points of view, but also depending on the users' needs and requirements. Leanus allows to modify the original items for analysing financial statements focusing on the information needs of every user with the possibility of importing your own account formats and modify the different data to carry out all kind of simulations.

Leanus Rating

To evaluate the balance of a company; its economic, net worth and financial picture. With the possibility of carrying out variations and results and combining quantitative and qualitative information.

Competitive Positioning

To compare competitors, with the possibility of creating a customised market with the chosen companies and amounts so as to know the real market shares.

Business Plan

Maximum flexibility to combine official data and private information to analyse all possible variations according to different hypothesis.


To create in a few clicks high level presentations. Internal presentations for Corporate Finance or financial institutions. Everything exportable to the main formats.

With all the information you need

In this tutorial about the Leanus business intelligence tool, you could see how does this tool works and how easy is it to use with some examples shown in a video.

Leanus possibilities are perfect to carry out quality reports, optimise your workload and customise reports and presentations. 

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