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Investigated Report

Investigated Report

In case you need additional information on a company or you prefer an INFORMA D&B specialist to research, enlarge and send you the report you need.

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In Informa D&B's Investigated Reports you will find the most comprehensive businesses financial information, as in our Financial reports, and all the information coming from the Investigation conducted by our analysts' team.

These types of reports are exclusive from Informa, and they offer quality and detailed information provided by our team, which is specialised in financial information.

It is an analytical and complete report about the economic factors of a company, with verified and relevant information for any user that needs to have in-depth knowledge about the financial estate of any company in our database.

Find out more about the different types of Investigated Reports

What does the Investigated Report contain?

For our customers to get to know in detail the information provided on our Investigated report we do hereby detail the specifications of this product:

  • You can carry out specific financial, business or risk queries on a company that would be studied and answered by our analysts
  • You will be able to access the most complete payment information: with information from RAI, ASNEF Empresas, EBE Defaults of Payment, ICIRED, RIJ and the D&B Global Trade Program ® , with its exclusive Paydex index.
  • The Credit Opinion included in the Investigated Report is reviewed by our analysts, including its historical evolution.
  • In case the filed accounts are not available, our analysts' team would carry out a comparative study with other companies in the same sector and similar size, so as to offer a sample balance sheet or an estimated balance as tight as possible.
  • You will find a financial links' analysis (participations and shareholders) of the company, including second-degree connections for businesses and their potential links, and you will be able to find possible links of the company or its directors in different data sources.

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