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Data Management with AI and NLP systems

Data Management with AI and NLP systems

Optimise your company's information management with our Spanish native Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions powered by the latest technological advances.

There's value where information is. Therefore, with our Artificial Intelligence solutions, we extract knowledge and interpret its meaning to solve problems related to data processing and improve your productivity.

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Our AI and NLP solutions optimise your data processing

Thanks to our acquisition of Dail Software, we can offer you the best Artificial Intelligence solutions that will help you organise information and give it a practical meaning to turn it into data providing value to your company.

  • We know the necessary elements for more efficient processes and how to optimise business with AI.
  • We help you find and classify key information to connect the data, optimise your processes and generate value.

Ready leap into Artificial Intelligence?

Most of a company's information is unstructured, so it will not be useful until it is transformed into structured information.

We provide a combination of functionalities that contribute to improving traditionally manual processes to increase your company's efficiency.

  • Documents reading and classification: : emails, legal notes, simple notes, etc.
  • Content search in repositories, websites, intranets, etc.
  • Texts generation s from structured variables and business rules.
  • Tailor-made consultancy projects for the application of AI and NPL in business processes.

How can we help you?



Identify and obtain the information you need.  

Automate key information extraction to optimise document management with a high accuracy level:

  • Simple reports.
  • Assessments.
  • Deeds.



Optimise the classification of your documents and organise your data.

Find key information, sort and connect data to streamline processes and reduce administrative burden.

  • Emails.
  • Legal notes.
  • Automatic reading of official gazettes and OJEU.



We listen to your needs and build tailor-made solutions.

We believe the best way to integrate an efficient corporate solution is to render a 360º service.

Share your needs with us; we will help you organise and find relevant data to achieve your goal.

About Dail Software

Innovation, technology and experience.

 Created in 2013 within the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The team, formed by engineers and linguists, has deep AI, Computer Science, NLP and Linguistics experience.

Informa D&B is an active partner of the project since 2021.

This union allows us to offer hybrid artificial intelligence solutions to help companies automate business processes related to data processing:

  • Artificial Intelligence specialised in NLP..
  • Deep and tailor-made language coverage.
  • Powerful language models.
  • Native solutions in Spanish.
  • Accurate data processing in unstructured documentation.

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INFORMA and DAIL join forces to offer integral solutions for business processes automation.

Need to maximise your operational efficiency with AI?


Values that make the difference

Our technology has a solid Artificial Intelligence scientific, technical and industrial base to offer solutions with the highest data processing precision and results. Improve your company's productivity by combining of the key points that give our solutions a differential value.



Thanks to our technology's agile operation, we find the optimal solution for each problem.

With the combination of different modules we can offer high-performance customised solutions.



Accurate data is crucial for operational processes and for the reliability of decision-making analysis. That is why we guarantee high consistency and validation levels in all services and products.



Your goal, our challenge. We analyse together your process objectives, expectations and difficulties to overcome.

We design a tailor-made solution from that analysis, combining experience, knowledge and AI-based technology.

Agile responses to improve operational efficiency in all sectors

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Our technology adapts to your needs, whatever the size of your company.