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About us

About us

INFORMA D&B is the CESCE subsidiary leader in the supply of Commercial, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information companies and businesses, in order to increase clients' and suppliers' knowledge and minimize business risk.

About us

Success story "by INFORMA"

All good businesses are connected by data.
That is why at INFORMA we invest more than 12 million a year in data processing, a constant commitment to innovation.
A commitment that makes us leaders with more than 4 million users who already trust us.

Although our speciality focuses on data, information and technology, our hidden secret is people.
INFORMA, much more than data.
What are you waiting for to start your story?



The company

Get to know Informa D&B's vision, mission, values and history. We are a business group with branches throughout the national territory.


Responsible and Sustainable Company

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is based on four pillars: clients, employees, suppliers and social environment.


Transparency Law

As a public company we are committed to Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance.


These figures describe our success as market leaders

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12 million € invested in data
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550 million companies in the world
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8 million of payment experiences
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7.5 million national economic agents.
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20 million companies' balance sheets.
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18 million administration positions

Communication Room

The Communication Room is a site where you would find all the press releases, studies and business information articles.


Press releases

Access to all the press releases published by Informa to be spread out by the media



Informa D&B offers for free a series of economic and business studies of the largest Spanish Businesses Database.



Our communication portal: EmpresaActual is an information space where you would find business news reports.

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More than 95% of the financial entities and 89% of the Ibex35 companies are active clients of INFORMA.

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